Digital Threat Assessment® teaches participants to establish a Digital Behavioral Baseline through a School Safety / Threat Assessment (SS/TA) lens. By engaging with popular social media applications, you will learn how to find and document worrisome digital media content originating from your school community. This training solidifies your understanding of how to effectively use DTA as a critical part of any modern-day Threat Assessment.


• To apply the principles of Behavioral Threat Assessment to DTA
• To identify the digital behavioral baseline of individuals on the pathway to violence
• To assess the language of online threat-related behavior
• Searching within commonly used platforms such as, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat
• To utilize boolean operators, people search engines, and access cached data
• To validate the source of images and video
• Best practice for online navigation and ensuring privacy safeguards
• To use law enforcement guides to request user identifying information (preservation and production orders)
• To crowdsource localized and time relevant social media posts from your school and area
• The latest updates to stories, reels, hashtags, and IGTV
• To identify concerning trends and create awareness to ensure safety and mental wellbeing
• To gather public social media data with geolocation relevance—what are the most effective ways to identify potential witnesses in a public act of violence?
• To use social media to find a missing person
• To document your digital findings

*Further preparatory instructions for the DTA class will be provided in your registration email.


The DTA training curriculum offered by Safer Schools Together is second to none.  On principle, it is focused on training the user to become the expert, rather than pushing a software or support package.  The result is an immediate and confident application of the skills and a direct impact on student safety.  From a cost/benefit perspective, I would consider it foolish to not take advantage of what they are offering.

Officer Will Chapman, SRO

Officer Will Chapman, SRO Founder, Chapman School Safety

This was literally the best school training I have ever had.  Everyone in charge of school safety needs this training.

Rich Transon, Dean of Students

Rich Transon, Dean of Students Brooks Middle School

Overall training was detailed and extremely informative. The trainer had a wealth of knowledge that not only pertained to our educational system but also to the law enforcement community. I would highly recommend all SRO’s to attend training by Safer Schools Together.

Kourtney Nemec, School Resource Officer

Kourtney Nemec, School Resource Officer Antioch High School

This training was exceptional! The trainers were experts in their field who answered all questions asked of them. They were kind and patient with everyone on the zoom training. I would recommend this training to all security, administrators, and police officers!

Alyson Baber, Security Coordinator

Alyson Baber, Security Coordinator Montgomery County Public Schools

By far the Digital Threat Assessment training with the SST team was the best I have been to.  Real-world applications for helping to keep the kids safe from themselves and others when using social media.  Highly recommended!!

Michael Sedor, Dean of Students

Michael Sedor, Dean of Students Brooks Middle School

This was hands down, one of the best trainings I have attended in my 24 years as a law enforcement officer.  The material was very relevant to what I am dealing with in my schools as an SRO and would love to see more training like this in the future!

Joy Davis, School Resource Officer

Joy Davis, School Resource Officer City of Edwardsville Police Department

The Digital Threat Assessment Training provided by Safer Schools Together was incredibly informative and helpful to me as an administrator in understanding new online trends among teens, along with search tools available at my disposal to take a preventative approach to threat management.

Katie Wood, Dean of Students

Katie Wood, Dean of Students West Aurora High School

I’ve been with MCPS security for over 12 years and have many other years in other security-related fields and this was the best 8 hours spent at any training that I have ever received. So many topics that we learned today will help us with investigations and putting out fires before they begin. Cannot thank Safer Schools Together enough for all of the amazing and real-life knowledge that they shared. There is no doubt that Safer Schools Together has helped so many students, staff, and families in so many different ways.

Joe Tehaan, Security Assistant

Joe Tehaan, Security Assistant Montgomery County

I love SST’s trainings! I walk away from each with the ability to plan and implement ideas and strategies for our district team.

Donna Barner, District Coordinator of Student Support Services

Donna Barner, District Coordinator of Student Support Services Fraser Cascade School District #78

I was deeply impressed by the depth, breadth, and scope of the information shared.  The presenters were outstanding!  I highly recommend this training!

Dr. Jeffrey Lannan, Counsellor

Dr. Jeffrey Lannan, Counsellor St. John Brebeuf Regional Secondary School

This was the most informative training I have attended on Threat Assessment, Social Media, and student’s online use.  The presenters were absolutely amazing and did a great job of speaking to an audience with a wide range of knowledge and experience. Thank you so much and I look forward to the upcoming trainings!

Sheila Kembel, Regional School Safety Program Manager

Sheila Kembel, Regional School Safety Program Manager Puget Sound Educational Service District

I feel that SST did a great job with the Digital Threat Assessment class. The course material was very informative and well presented by the instructors. The information I learned from this class will definitely enable me to perform my investigative duties at a higher level.

Raymond Croze, Corporal

Raymond Croze, Corporal Clearwater Police Department

This was a great training. I feel much more informed and educated about how to investigate crimes on social media platforms. Very useful information

Adam Doleschy, School Liaison Officer

Adam Doleschy, School Liaison Officer West Bend Police

As a Community and School Resource Officer, I was in awe of the information this training presented. Social media is not an option, it is the way our students and youth communicate on a daily basis. Within two weeks of taking the Digital Threat Assessment training from Safer Schools Together, four students walked into the office at one of my schools to report that their friend was contemplating suicide. During the initial interview with them, I was able to utilize Snapchat’s new SnapMap feature to quickly locate the student on a map in real-time. Previous to the training, I didn’t know that there was such a tool that would allow us this opportunity. I believe that a student is alive right now due to the courage of the four students and the quick use of available open-source social media. This is a MUST have training for school districts and any law enforcement who deal with youth. This training WILL save lives!!

Police Officer

Police Officer

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