In many school violence cases, other students knew about pre-attack planning and either didn’t feel comfortable approaching an adult or were fearful of being outed by others as the person who “told”. PSSTWorld provides a solution.

PSSTWorld is an Online Anonymous Reporting Tool where students can report anything worrisome directly to TA/SS staff via an online platform ( PSSTWorld is accessible from any device with an internet connection. In keeping with the paces of technology, a unique feature of our platform is the ability for students of concerning behaviors and incidents that they have seen, heard, or experienced. Submissions are immediately sent to the email inbox of the chosen TA/SS team within the school, school district, or community.

PSSTWorld is available in English, French, and Spanish (all within the same platform) via an annual contract based on number of students enrolled in your school/district. No special software is required. Promotional resources will be provided; together with guidelines to help facilitate follow up of submissions.