Our Team

Mia Ray


Mia Ray, M.S., M.A., NCC, LCP is a subject matter expert in school and campus safety and loves to share her knowledge on lessons learned from previous school shooting incidents, school safety situational awareness, the importance of student mental health, suspicious activity in schools, mitigation, and prevention techniques. She has educated administrators and law enforcement on school and campus safety at the state and national level. Her background includes over fifteen years of experience in research and large data management, over ten years as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS) and Lincoln Land Community College also in Springfield, IL, as well as over seven years of managing a statewide school safety program in Illinois. Ms. Ray graduated with her masters in Community Mental Health Counseling. She has been practicing counseling part time for three years at an inpatient dual diagnosis substance abuse clinic focusing on crisis management, grounding techniques, and working through trauma using the latest research. Her areas of academic interest include not only school and campus safety, but also adolescent mental health, adolescent and adult trauma, substance abuse, suicide, and mass murder.